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I recommend putting it where it can get as much natural light as possible, it's said that the change in the amount of light when it's brought inside is one of the reasons they die so easily.
I grew mine under the shade of a tree this year so they'd be well acclimated to the lower light levels in the house.

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Thanks Diggy

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When my wife goes the farmers market, she will buy several stems of Thai peppers as they are cheaper there and put them in ziploc bages then into the freezer. They store well and are always ready for starting a fire.

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Picked over a hundred Thai bird peppers tonight from my indoor plants, weighed in at a whopping 30 g's or 1.1 oz....good thing they're hot cause a person would go hungry trying to live off these peppers.

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Candy some of those Dan for a real "pick me up" kinda treat!!!!! biggrin.gif

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Lookin' good..... Those will last awhile...

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Hey Guys and Gals,
I haven't been around much the last 6 months due to a long list of things. Hopefully life will settle down soon and I can get back into participating around here again, but till then I did want to share a couple picks of the pepper plants that wintered in the house last year and are doing great again this year.

Thanks again ThailandPhil for the seeds, They've been a lot of fun growing and eating.

I also thought I'd share yesterdays sunrise with ya, one of the things keeping me busy this summer is we sold this house and been moving for what seems like forever.
I will miss the views.

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Nice looking peppers! My one plant that survived this year has a hundred or more 1/4" peppers on it. I hope they pop before we get a freeze! Never had very good luck wintering ours. Usually end up with a plant full of aphids.

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