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I just finish slicing my pastrami ,i am waiting to see your pastrami.

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WOW!!! This is gonna be GREAT!!!! Just pulled 'em at 165 and foiled 'em. They already look and smell GREAT!!! Gonna pull 'em off at 190+, I'm thinking about 193. Sliceable but tender. Then in the fridge till tomorrow, then sliced. 


Here's just prior to foiling:




and another:




Also, as stated before, put on some Polska Kielbasa and hot dogs. Done the sausage before, hot dogs are an experiment. Although it won't do the pastrami and good, I put some more wood on for the sausage and hot dogs. Again, more pics:






Can hardly wait!! Also, tasted a bit of the crust that stuck to the grill grate. WOW!!! Was afraid not enough pepper, but I think its gonna be fine. AMAZING taste!!! Now I'm wondering about smoking some pepper......



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Well, it's all done and sliced. TURNED OUT GREAT!!!! Not sure I would change anything. Smoke did not overpower, seemed to be OK in my book. Here's some Q-view:




Pile 'o pastrami!




Another one.






All bagged up.


On a side note, the hot dogs... not such a great idea. Grilling is still better. Sorry smokers. They were OK, just not as good as grilled. the Polska Kielbasa was great though! Also, the slicer worked like a charm! I know there's better, but for free and for now, it worked great! Next post will be of some 'strami sammiches!!!!


I would also like to thank all who replied to my posts and gave me ideas. Also all the other posts I read on here that helped me out. Thank you all!!



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Wow! That looks fantastic, great job with your pastrami. I have always used corned beef flats when I make it now I think I will try yours.

Thanks for all the pictures.

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Looks great from here!


As always, Johnny has you right on.


We like to slice most of it thin for sandwiches.  Easy to warm in an au jus or simple broth.


Thicker, dinner plate stuff, we slice thicker and steam it for about an hour.


And I just gotta say?  You got a heckuva price on that!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by Smokin Phil View Post


Yeah, I know. But again, at $.99/LB just couldn't pass it up. Will try from scratch at some point, I'm sure. Thought it would be a good 'spearment. Around here, brisket is rather expensive. Cheap and on sale is about $4/lb. Normal price goes as high as $7/LB!!!



LETS Q!!!!

I agree, I don't blame you on that decision! And I'm glad to see you're still alive so it was truly a great deal :)

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So did it come out tender enough for you?


The pictures look great! first.gif

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Came out PERFECT!!!! Couldn't ask for any better! Was tender as could be, and EVERYBODY who's tried it loved it!! Even my very picky son!



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