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cold smoking bb bacon

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New to smoking need to learn I know u can hot smoke bb bacon can it be cold smoked and what is the process.

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Here is one I did.

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here is some that i just did....


my standard formula is:

per 1 # of meat -

1 gm of cure # 1

5 gm of sugar....i use raw or turbinado

7 gm of salt...i use kosher

1 tbsp granulated onion

1 tbsp granulated garlic

1 tbsp black pepper


i use a vac seal but i don't take all the air out but a zip lock works fine. the one thing i like about my formula is i never have to fry test or soak to get rid of too much salt.


i can't stress how easy a digital scale that registers in grams makes it easy....oxo makes a good one for $30.

another tool that is a must is an AMNPS  for cold smoking since i treat my BBB as belly and i fry it like regular bacon in a little olive oil. with the AMNPS you don't even need a smoker....a large cardboard box and a rack will get the job done. i hope this helps you some.......

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Cold smoke like any other bacon.

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