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hi my name is dick from lancaster ohio . i tryed to make bacon from fresh side and the bacon was way to salty, i used mortons tq and used as directed  i did not know at the time to soak in cold water and slice a strip and fry before smoking  i have a electric smoker with a didagal pad on top .am getting ready to try again if any one has any ideas please let me know thanks dick

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Well did you clean your bacon well in cold clean water after curing? If not you should. I usually leave mine soak too in clean cool water about 1 hour. You can try a strip after a while to see if its ok. If to salty soak some more. When it gets to where you like it then smoke it.
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You can also use Cure 1 to either make a less salty brine or to do a dry cure.   You may need to order Cure 1 so if you want to use up your Morton TQ do like Viper said.  Cure it, soak in clean cold water, taste and if still to salty soak in new clean water again.

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Weigh the side with a good scale and use 1 level tbsp. of TQ (unpacked) per pound of meat for best results.
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I use cure #1. What everyone said about rinsing is the key!

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