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First Spare Ribs with QView

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So over the weekend I tried my hand at my first set of spare ribs in my little electric dome smoker.  I learned 2 things,  I love smoking my own ribs and I don't really know the anatomy of a rack of spare ribs so my butchering job was awful. 


One set of my ribs were covered in honey and the other in honey mustard then rubbed in a cow town pork rub.  They were smoked over a combo of hickory chunks and applewood chips.


I had to split the two racks so they would fit in the smokers two levels.


Beginning a nice 3 hour smoke.



Here they are about to get foiled up, at this point this set of ribs actually had bones starting to fall out of it, maybe there is a better way to take them off the grate than tongs, next time I might use a spatula.IMAG0109.jpg


I must have lost a picture somewhere in the process, but here is the final product they were super delicious next time I might try some other rubs and sauces but these were wonderful they fell off the bone, they way I like them and the 4 of us left no leftovers.IMAG0111.jpg

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Nice looking ribs!!!

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Those are looking good!

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I'll have a bone!

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Did I read you right. The bone was falling out at the three hour mark? If the bone was already falling out at three hours they may have been done? If they did finish in three hours you may need to calibrate your smoker. I just had the same thing happen to me with my WSM. I used multiple probes on the next smoke & sure enough I'm off by as much as 50 degrees?

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