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Dry Cured Spanish Chorizo

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Have 5 lbs of course ground pork ready to be turned into dry spanish chorizo.

Here we have the items.


1/4cup cold distilled water. To this will be 1/4 tsp F-RM-52. Mix and set aside.

1/4 cup kosher salt
1 Tbs dextrose powder
1 tsp cure #2


2 Tbs hot paprika
2 Tbs Ancho chili powder
1.5 tsp cayenne
2 Tbs minced garlic
apporx 10 ft of hog casings soaking


I have the pork cubed and in a glass bowl sitting in ice.

Crisco the plate.

Kosher, cure and dextrose.

The salt, cure and dextrose have been mixed together and sprinkling on the pork cubes. Toss well.

Next grind the cured pork thru the course plate, into the bowl on ice.

Mix the dry with the f-rm water. It will get really thick.

Add the garlic into the meat mix, mix well. Add the seasoned f-rm mix to the meat. If needed add 1/4 cup more distilled water to the meat, mix well.

Got the chorizo mixed and back in the bowl sitting in the ice.

Get the stuffer ready.

There all stuffed up.

Have the PID set down to 70* so might as well hang with the Lonzino. The salt/water bowl at the bottom is giving me 76% R/H


Might give 20-40 mins of smoke later. Going to be another long one.


I need another smoker.

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Great looking start.


My friend who owns a Basque restaurant makes something very similar.  His meat is part coarse grind and part small cut chunks. His is dried without smoke. The paprika is his secret, but I am sure it is Spanish because he is Spanish Basque. He has given me access to his drying cave, but his recipes are as easy to get as pulling teeth.  biggrin.gif


Can't wait to see yours!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looking good Rick 

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I buy a Spanish brand of paprika here called los novios.But theres another brand in a red tin with yellow graphics that a lot of chefs use.To confuse things further there is a french version that comes from a town called Espellete in the French basque region.I have been there funnily enough.

I cant wait for this batch to cure either they do look good.

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Looks good Rick. Can't wait to see the outcome!

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Sorry, double post.

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Looks good Rick I love chorizo

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Nice start.   110.gif

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It is a good start

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Looking great Rick!

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Great start and wonderful instructions!

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Man that looks great and I so so want to do that to. Thanks for the instructions.

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Just flipped the chorizo over on the smoke sticks. More time yet. Gotta find a new hanging place cuz going to need the smoker soon.





If you have seen the salt/water in to get the R/H you need it does work.


Im steady at 74% R/H


The salt is at the bottom of my bradley smoker. The puck slide is off, the PID has the heat at 62* and the rear fan is on.



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Flipped the SS smoke stick around. Had to shut the PID off cuz its 71* outside.



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Had to put all the sausage in the fridge. Its getting warm outside.





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