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Chuck Roast on MES 40

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In great anticipation of the Daytona race i decided to smoke a chuck roast that day.  The roast was great...still waiting to see the race.


Rubbed it down with equal parts of dark brown sugar and McCormick rotisserie chicken seasoning (1/4 cup each) and a tablespoon of garlic and herb season.


smoked for 6.5 hrs @ 230.  when it reached 180 then wrapped in foil till it reached 210.

after 4 hrs i slid in a pan of mushroom, potatos and onions with some seasoning underneath the roast so the dripppings dripped into them.  It actually fit right in the water pan. then covered the veggies with foil when i foiled the roast.


Roast was very tender but no falling apart (wife prefers falling apart).  sliced nicely though!



Ready to go in the smoker





Let the smoking begin!




At around 4 hrs (not the best pcture...sorry) Internal temp was about 160 here.  I think in the furture i would wrap in foil at this point.









The results! 




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Did you make me a sammie?? Well done

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Looks great and an interesting combo for seasoning. 

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NOW your making me hungry!



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Looks great - love me some cuckie 

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Looks delicious!

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