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Fresh ham

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Wife hauled a fresh ham (uncured pork leg) up from my meat freezer and said I want a good ham. So sitting in the freezer waiting to thaw. Thats this weeks project. A good Maple cured ham. Will try to post pics.

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I'm in. Lots of q view and details please!

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Might be of help!  No maple flavoring, tho.


Possibly use maple extract in brine and smoke with maple wood.

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Thanks but I already have a good recipe. Its from another site and very good.Not sure if your allowed to post links to other sites here or not. Still thawing in the refrigerator. Just a small one this time.
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I have a ham going right now.....we'll see how supper goes.

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Don't forget to post pics!
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saw your pictures on other site, how is it going? how long to cure? Walt

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Well I posted the same pics here trying to help. But for some reason it don't show unless you search my posts for "well starting my ham" I did and posted more follow up. But it isn't showing when you look. Least not for me. I dont know maybe I did some thing wrong?
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