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Cure Time?

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A question was asked on another thread here that I thought was a good question and I didn't see the answer I thought the question asked, so I am starting another. How long is too long to cure wet or dry? I can only smoke on weekendsth_crybaby2.gifno time the rest of the week. I understand the proper cure times and have found most all answers for cure times here but lets say I have been curing in preperation for smoking this weekend and something happens and I can't will the meat be safe to leave in the fridge for another week in the wet or dry cure till I can smoke again next weekend?

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I'll dry cure bacons for a couple weeks no problem. You really can't cure to long , only too short.


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Like DanMcG I have only had experience with dry cured bacon and a couple of extra days on the end will not make any difference.  As far as a brine I am guessing that you can remove the bacon from the brine after the recommend cure time, seal in ziplocks or wrap in plastic wrap and let it go a couple of extra days without a problem.


Good luck and don't forget to post some Qview as you do it.

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A couple of weeks for bacon is normal but a couple of weeks on summer sausage or jerky??? Or an extra week on bacon BBB???

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Why don't you tell us what exactly your got in the cure, and what type of cure it is, then somebody can help ya better.

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Wet curing you can go up to 45 days with no problem on whole muscle meats, up to 30 days on poultry.  

Ground meats usually overnight, but if you need to go a week you could do so; being cured will retard spoilage, but I wouldn't want to go more than a week.  Any more, you can freeze it, then thaw it in the fridge and smoke it when thawed or freeze after 24 hours.

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thanks Pops , I was wondering the same thing.

I got a belly in your brine and it will be ready to smoke on the 18th. can't wait yahoo.gif

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Thanks Pops that was the answer I was looking for.


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Good info thanks Pops

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