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Sous Vide Tbone

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Well since my brother Bubba is into boiled meat now, I decided to placate his desire and give it a try.


Here is my setup, enamled cast iron dutch oven with 130 degree water.  Meat is a tbone  with a very small tenderloin side, vacumn packed, deboned and unseasoned.





Plop:  This is 1:45 into process….hmm looks sooo appetizing:




2 hours 15 minutes at 130 degrees.  At this point I’m thinking I have been the victim of a elaborate ruse by Bubba to get me to ruin a perfectly good steak, it smells like it looks (gray and boiled).  Ha freaking ha:




K I better get creative, cast iron skillet, smoking hot, rock salt and crushed peppercorns onto the meat, meat seared, seared I tell you, 40 seconds a side.


Remove steak,  Plop in a tab of butter and a small dab of demiglace and all ‘pan’ drippings, roll steak around until covered.


Hmm, smells better in here . 




Hmmm  mumf, chomf crumf, money shot:




My test steak was lacking in one regard, it had a severe lack of quantity:





Conclusion:  Very interesting cooking method, really interested in seeing what it will do to cuts like pork loin and chicken breasts, as they are 2 meats that are extremely difficult to cook to a moist consistency. Need to add smoke also, perhaps a cold smoke after bath but before sear... ? 



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looks amazing bet it taste good

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Sous Vide is a useful technique but it is important to understand that this technique is limited to 2" inch thick hunks of meat Max!...Beyond that it gets risky...Also unless you purchase a circulating Sous Vide Machine, you are also limited to 2-4 pieces of Meat per cook so the hot water contacts all sides of the meat...You should not try this with 10 Steaks and a Crock Pot...Additionally extra care should be taken with Sanitation as well. Wash meat, keep stuff cold and clean...That being said, your Steak looks great!...JJ

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After the "searing" and addition of goodies, it looks pretty darn good!

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Yes it does look good!

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There is a member here - Motochef that does a lot of Sous Vide and he and I exchanged a lot of info on how to do it. He has a great setup but I have not seen him on here for 6 months.


That steak looks like it came out mighty tasty. Hard to go wrong with a good Demi-Glace. 

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