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First fatties

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I had some things to do this morning that went quicker than I expected, so I had some free time.

What else better to do with unplanned free time than to make fatties for the first time.



I figured my daughter likes Bacon Cheeseburgers, and my wife was talking about Meatloaf last night... why not.


1 1/2 pounds of 80/20 each

An egg in each one

3 pieces of bread each

A pound of budget bacon.. more on that!

And the fixins


Bacon Cheeseburger:




Salt Pepper


Again, pictures are missing...

But I did the weave, pack and put chopped onions, left over bacon , and some knock off Velveeta loaf in it, and rolled.



The next one was the Meatloaf:

Sauteed up some peppers and onions



Then the weave....


I should know the only thing discount bacon is good for is baked and calico beans!!!!


Next the roll


That ketchup in there... it's meatloaf.


Ready for the grill..the gas line to the burner in my smoker decide today was a good day to fail, so it's offset smoking time!



So far I've learned:

1. Plan ahead

2. Don't cheap out

3. Don't overstuff


None of which I'll ever practice in the future.


More to come!





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Looks as a good start i will wait

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A half hour in.. I realized I didn't put any rub on, so I threw some brown sugar, sea salt and smoked paprika together.



I wish my wife ate garlic!


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Looks like a great start!

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Keep us posted.  Looking good!

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The Meatloaf one...



The Bacon Cheeseburger pics went off into digital camera Hell...

Total time 4 hour with hickory chunks.

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Looks like they came out great. 

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Nice they both were good!

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man o man that looks good... bet it was tasty.. nice job..


                                              Have fun and Happy smoking

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Your first ones?


They look great from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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