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Todays Ribs

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I bought a rack of Spares and a rack of Baby Backs for today's smoke, used Cherry and Apple chips100_2670.JPG100_2673.JPG100_2677.JPG100_2680.JPG100_2682.JPG100_2686.JPG.


Removed the membrane,,,,


Trimmed down the spare ribs,,,, wife will use that cut off meat in Garbanzo beans or something,


Brushed with olive oil and added my rub,,,,,


In the smoker,,,,


Money shot,,,,,,

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Holy cow, Harley, those ribs have me drooling on the key board! Awesome!drool.gif

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Nice lookin ribs

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great looking ribs.drool.gif

make me want to go out and get some ribs to smoke.!!!!!

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I see you got Sweet baby Rays sauce Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good....Looks-Great.gif

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Looks like they turned out great 

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Looks great!  You hit it!


Those rib ends are almost as valuable as the rest of the rib!


Good luck and good smoking.

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They look delicious!

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