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Everything looks great so far! Looking forward to the final shots!

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Before I sliced the brisket this morning, I decided to take back my Cabela's Pro Slicer because of the issues I had when slicing my bacon a few weeks back and hoped to purchase one of their commercial slicers. The wife even gave her blessing about purchasing the 11" blade commercial model....which helped but I planned on purchasing that model anyway. biggrin.gif I didn't tell her that though. Well, I returned my slicer and just my luck, they didn't have any of the commercial models in now I'm without a slicer at the moment. Hindsight 20/20, should've sliced and then returned the other model. Oh well, gotta practice my knife skills anyway. Knawed on a few pieces as I cut, and it's absolutely fantastic....great flavor and the right amount of smoke.

So enough with the jibber jabber. Here is the burnt ends that finished at 1AM last night and of the brisket I sliced this morning. My parents caught wind of my brisket escapades and have decided to invite themselves over for dinner using the ploy that we haven't seen each other in's been 3 days. Regardless, I always enjoy their opinion on my food.

Thanks for tagging along.



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Looks good! How did it taste?

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Nice good lean looking pice of meat. Good BBQ.!

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Nice looking brisket and burnt ends! How did it taste with the bacon above it during the smoke?

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It has a great taste and just the right amount of smoke to it, very tender. I'll see later if reheating has any effect on it, but I'm sure it will be just fine.

I really didn't notice much of a bacon taste to it at all. To be honest, I was really using the bacon to help baste the brisket since it had alot of the fat trimmed away not to add any flavor. I'm sure there's some flavor there from the bacon, but the smoke and rub are probably overwhelming it. I'd be interested in seeing if there's any additional flavor using the bacon on a brisket just coated with salt and pepper...may just have to try that next.
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going to be hard to post q view when my 6lb flat is going on about 11pm tonight.... but will try...

hope you enjoyed!!!


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Looks great from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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