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2nd smoke in my MES 30

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      Here are some pics of my 2nd smoke from the past weekend.  I did one filet of Salmon around 1 lb, that I cut into 2 pieces, brushed with some EVOO and then hit with my own homemade cajun rub.  I also smoked a slab of baby back ribs.  I also used my own rub that I put on the night before.  My GF likes everything well done, so I wanted to make her happy, the Salmon was a little more "done" than it should of been, but HAVE to make her happy and was surprisingly not dryed out.  I smoked both the salmon and ribs at 225.  The Salmon took under 2 hours.  I used a mix of hickory/apple wood chips. 


      laura iphone 005.jpg          



laura iphone 004.jpg       

This picture above is before I started the 2 hr foil in the 2-2-1 method I used to smoke these.  I also mixed up some apple cider vinegar and apple juice.  Sprayed them down before the foiling and sprayed a little extra on the foil.  Finished picture below of the ribs. 


laura iphone 018.jpg

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Looks great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great from here?


I would have done the salmon a little less? But it has enough oil to be a little forgiving.




Good luck and good smoking.

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Now I really like the ribs. The salmon is alittle over for me too.

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They both sure look good!

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Looks great to me.   Two hours at 225 does sound like a long time for Salmon...anyone know what the done temp is for salmon?


Cant wait to try some salmon.





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Ribs look good, fish is gross (makes choking cat sounds) not a fish person.

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Ribs look good, salmon a bit overdone for me, but looks good. 

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