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Brined yardbirds today

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Well, a great day for being outside, sunny and a mere 30*degrees,

Brined the birds on Friday until this morning.
1/2 cup Morton kosher salt
1/2 cup lt brown sugar
1 tbsp garlic salt
1 tbsp jeff's rub
1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
8 cups water
1/2 cup red wine vinegar

A simple, effective brine without it being over salty. I like to taste the smoke, along with the rub&finishing glaze.
a6937755-b14e-913f.jpg the v-8 engine, this thing is a gas guzzler!

a6937755-b1a6-818a.jpg 5 birds removed from brine, allow to dry a good 1/2 hour. Hit it with a dusting of rub.. While the fire calms down.


Birds just under 5 lbs each on at 2pm- out by 6.30pm internal temp 165-170* degrees. Used pecan wood and hickory,glazed with butter & maple syrup. Lol!! Tasty, not over smoked like I did the last time .. Chow time~
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they look very good, I love smoked chickens


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Those are some great looking birds 

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sorry I missed the dinner bell!

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Thanks for the Qview,  you birds look delicious

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Great color! They look delicious!

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Now your birds looks fabulous but all that white stuff around the your smoker doesn't look very inviting at all.

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Great looking birds drool.gif icon14.gif


I'm with Mark on the white stuff icon_mrgreen.gif

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Good looking birds-and for now you guys can keep the snow!

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Nice job, look great!

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