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Question about building a smoker

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Hello guys, am thinking about constructing a smoke house from wood. I've seen all kinds buy looking around here and yesterday my amazin smoker arrived, (Thanks Todd for quick service) I currently have a smallish propane fired smoker which is a great starter model, but size will, and does matter. My main question is when I build this smoker ( Think an outhouse) I know I can use my amazin for cold smoking, but to do summer sausage ect, which needs to be finished, to proper temp in the smoker, do you guys think a Mr Heater propane fish house type heater would provide enough heat in this type of structure to get my summer sausage internal temp to say 160? , thanks for any input and look for me to be posting a bunch more stuff as this hobby, (habit) is making me smile from ear to ear.

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Welcome to the forum Ron


The amount of heat you can generate in a smokehouse depends on a lot of things.   Not sure about how much heat the Mr. Heater will generate, it depends on how well your smokehouse is insulated and how well it drafts.    The construction materials used in the smokehouse will also provide a limit to how much heat you can use.    


What I have found is that if I use a cure in my sausage I can cold smoke it for a couple of hours and them move it to the normal smoker.  In the smoker I have a lot of control over how I apply heat.  May consider doing it that way.


Good luck and keep us up to date on what you decide to do!



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Check out my Smokehouse thread at the bottom of this post, it may answer a lot of your questions, including a great burner too!  Another thread of another user building his smokehouse is now in the works....



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