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chip tray delivery time

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got  my mes for christmas emailed mes about how to get the upgraded tray  they replied with  give us your mailing address and we will send one so i replied with  with my addy........still waiting to hear something  either by snail mail or  email how long does it take to get  it? ....just wonder if i should recontact them

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I can't say how long it takes, as I have never contacted them. I would say if you have herd nothing by mid month I'd be doing some checking. They may have been shut down over the holidays. 


For what it's worth I contacted MF on the 4th and my grates arrived today

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I contacted (phone, only on hold about 3 minutes) Masterbuilt yesterday.  Just bought a MES 40 and it had the smaller tray along with a bulge in the front door near the bottom where that drip guard is screwed on.   They said the items where on backorder until the 29th. 

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They must have gone thru a bunch of them real quick, because a lot of guys got theirs a couple of weeks ago after a long back order wait.

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