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My 2nd Smoke....Chicken Leg Quarters with PICS! - Page 2

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Originally Posted by GrayStratCat View Post

@harleysmoker, I think the smoker dprice has is the Master Forge that can use either LP or charcoal.  I believe they make two models, one of which is only LP (I have that unit) and the one like dprice has.



This is the model I believe dprice has:


This is the LP only model.


Looks like Lowe's has dropped the price on the LP only model... which makes me believe your statement about it being (or soon to be) outdated might be dead spot on.



Yea Salt looks like your right. I was thinking they may have changed the water and chip pan since people are complaining about the chips catching on fire and the water pan being to big.


How is the sand working out in yours? I have been thinking about getting some for mine.


dprice,,,,a couple of us added a needle valve on the gas line to fine tune the flame up or down. It seems the adjustment under the bottom door seemed to adjust too much even if you barely turn it, at least mine was like that.

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So far I really like the results of running sand instead of water.  I have to thank SmokinAl and sprky for recommending that one.  Really keeps the temps from swinging as much, especially when I open the top door to spritz.  I haven't missed the water/steam at all....


As for the needle valve, I just put one on mine about a week ago.  I really like the results. 


There's another running thread where I posted some pictures of the mod and the parts needed.  If you're interested, here's the link to the other thread.  Scroll down a bit and you'll see my pictures of the parts and mod



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Just to echo everyone else - great job on the yard bird!   I really like that smoker, it's slick!

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