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Prepaired Smoked Bologna

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I did this last June at my bbq. Going to do another on my gasser this time.


German bologna coated with CYM and Red Robin seasoning.







CT coated and Slap Ya Momma






Going to smoke later today or tomorrow. I cut the chub in half and scored the tops on both.



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I can't wait to see this one!

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Ok that's round one I'm getting ready for 2 n 3

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Looks good Rick........

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nerver seen this before - what the heck are you doing to that bologna and what do you call it.

and not prepaired -- I think I'm scared and going to like this a whole lot

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That Carolina Treet is really good. I got some from SmokinSteve - this is going to be fun to watch 

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That looks like it is going to be great.


I haven't done any in a long time, but I used to cut a plug out of it straight through the side and then down from the top, then cut some out of the middle of the plug filled the inside with sauce, stuck the ends of the plugs back in hit it with my rub and smoked it.

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icon_eek.gifI'll be watching.

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I will be watching but I just do not know if I can get into that. I was in the store the other day and saw one of those and thought about people smoking them but I decided to pass on it...I may trying grinding one up and adding some things to it and making some sausage...

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I done this before on my MAK pellet grill.













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I commend you on your results Napas but I am just not a Bologna person..I think that I will do my some Potted Meat....biggrin.gif

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Bologna goodness.


mf bologna

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That looks great! I love Bologna fried with Onions, add smoke it can only get better...JJ

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