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Hay Guys,

 I smoked my first ribs today in my new MES. I went ahead and dropped the 15 bucks on Jeff's rub and sauce recipe, I figured even if they were awful, this forum will save me 10x that in trail & error and ruined meat. It wasn't.


Rubbed & ready to go:



After 3:



After 2:


This was the end of the line for the small piece.Mmmmmm.


After 1:




I followed the recipes & 3-2-1 procedures exactly, and I can honestly say I don't think I have ever had better ribs.

I used apple wood for the first 3 hours and that gave it just the right amount of smoke flavor.The rub and the sauce had a nice blend of subtle flavors that combined nicely with the juices form the meat. It was really a step above the heavy-handed hickory taste I'm used to from local rib joints.

The MES is the way to go for smoking meat. Just set the time & temp & let her go. I use big wood chunks that last for 3 hours so there is really no babysitting involved.


Next weekend's food orgy: Pork butt!




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Great looking Qview!  So glad you enjoyed them and that you came here to let us know, too!  Make sure you keep a record of all your smokes so you can go back, review, tweak, decide if the tweaks worked, etc. etc.  Great looking 'vette too!

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Man those ribs look awesome - Congrats on a great smoke 

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Looks great!

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nice   i need some


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Looks delicious!!



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Psycho Dad, fantastic looking ribs. icon14.gif As far as Jeff's rub and sauce, they're hard to beat.

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Wow, I haven't tried Ribs on my MES yet, but you have inspired me.  Nice work!  Now I'm hungry again!!!


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thanks for the kind words everyone

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Looks Great...JJ

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It looks like a great smoke well done. and Pops gave you a good advice.

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They look delicious! Great color!

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