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the best bacon

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I did my first fattie the other day and i turned out pretty good, but I was sitting and here pondering the bacon. Some of mine tore or just didn't cover up the whole thing as I planned. Whats the best type/brand bacon you use? I used a pound of regular Smithfield bacon but am curious if there is something better for wrapping. Thanks

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I like to use the thinnest bacon I can find, and the cheapist. I use Big Buy Bacon.
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I have only made a couple fatties I just wrapped in what ever bacon I could get on the el cheapo. I got blow outs as well but was no sweat to me.

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Like they said the thinnest you can buy, which is usually the cheapest too.

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Like everyone said the thinnest cheapest you can find. It's not worth using your home made bacon for you will loss the flavor of your bacon

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I disagree...


I use my bacon..........


Makes a better fattie.



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did u just wrap the bacon arounnd the fattie or did u do a bacon weave?
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Did a weave.
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Hard to visualize it without a pic.

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Hard to visualize it without a pic.



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