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FoodSaver Fix

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I recently picked up one of the Original Tilia FoodSavers off Ebay for $42

When it arrived, I was very disappointed on it's performance

Did a little research, and asked a few questions

I ordered a set of replacement foam seals, and put them in today


This thing is an ANIMAL!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Wow that looks powerful, I also have a tila food saver, but it doesn't seem to be as big as yours... I wonder if mine needs new seals??  we were going to buy a new one cause it seems it doesnt get all the air out of a  bag now and then

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The Old Tilia FoodSavers were made in Italy, and you can run liquids thru them

These can be rebuilt

The new ones are made in China and are disposable





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice score Todd! What you gonna crush next.


Now you have me thinking, will my foodsaver crush a can.


This may be my afternoon project.

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Where did you get your parts from Todd? Mine is not the frist gen but is probably 2nd gen and my seals are starting to go bad.

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Todd, morning,  My F-S is first generation and I am interested in parts also.... Dave

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Looks like a winner and a score.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Here's a link to the Tilia FoodSaver


Here's a link to parts for the Tilia FoodSaver




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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These Tilia Food Savers, when running properly, are far superior to today's "junk" Food Savers.  I haven't crushed a can with mine but it'll sure do it, if I want it to. 


Todd got an excellent deal on his purchase.  Last spring when I was looking for some to give to my adult children, I saw some crazy bidding and then almost no bidding on eBay.  One went for 3 times what Todd paid for his.  The beauty of these, besides that they REALLY suck the air, is that you can repair them.

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