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wow those look great!  It is great to see you have a good  Mine is turning 20 next month, and getting married in June.  But I still have two boys and one loves cooking with me.


You need to get you a D.A.D.D shirt to wearthumb1.gif "dads againts daughters dating"   If you shoot the first on the word will get out! biggrin.gif





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Scott, great work!  Beautiful color, texture, nothing but perfection on that!  first.gif

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I keep coming back just to stare at the pics of these!!  They looks awesome!!!

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Well, go make some then. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Would love to see some pics up4smoke. Making sausage is fun when you have a good helper.

Unfortunately we didn't take pics of the preparation, as it was very unorganized! I plan on making a different flavor this weekend and wil get some qview!


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Nice job on those links and you were right about that grinder. I used mine for the first time yesterday and it will really get after one I have ever had...

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I'm really jealous of both the sausage and you sous chef!  Her bright smile choked me up a bit because my last sous chef leaves for college next fall.  All of mine enjoy cooking, so they will definitely have a lot of good memories around the kitchen and the table -- guaranteed!  ("And she thinks you're just fishin'...")


I will definitely keep your post handy as I begin my sausage-making adventures next week!  Thanks Ale!

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Thanks James. My daughter was home from college that week so I put her to work.

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