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Brisket: What do you think?

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My Son has been hassling me to cook a Brisket. I have never done one before (surprised?). It's not that I am intimidated, it was just too much meat for my wife and I. Yesterday, I went to Smart & Final and picked up a very flexible packer. Now I am not a big fan of burnt ends ( I do eat them when I am judging comps).


So here is my plan (feel free to offer suggestions, throw rocks or whatever floats your boat). I am going to smoke it in the MES in an al. roasting pan, BUT I will punch a bunch of holes in the bottom of the pun. Under it I will have another pan with beef broth, onions and Worcestershire Sauce to catch the drippings.


Fire away!

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That sounds like a good plan.  I can bet that it will come out very moist with that double pan system.  What temp you going to cook it at and are you looking to pull or slice the meat? 

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I will be smoking at 225 using my amzn with apple dust. I will pull it at 195 to slice

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Sounds like a great plan to me.


Let us know how it goes with photos of course.

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You got this under control man.

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I just put my meat in the pan with the liquids, onions and spices makes the meat really moist.   

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Sounds like a winner to me!

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Can't wait for some pics. Sounds Like u got this licked

Have fun and Happy smoking
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How did it turn out?

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 Q-Views ??????

don't leave us hanging now biggrin.gif

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Patience My Dear! Q-View is on my Phone. Had a disaster happen last night so I will pop my cherry tonight. Plan on putting it on at 10 PM PST.

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Good Luck with it and can't wait to see the Q-view

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slober slober slober cantwait for the pics, hope it wasn't too bad of a disaster & everyone is ok cant wait

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Is it done yet?

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Disaster Alert: Put the brisket on at 9PM last night. MES set at 225 beautiful TBS. Checked the MES temp and it was holding like a charm. Went to bed at 11PM. Looked out the sdoor and it showed 225. Problem was that the element burned out at smoe time during the night. At 6AM the meat was reading 38 degrees. OH CRAP!  Put it in the oven at 225 and am hoping that I can perform CPR on a dead body to revive it. Woe is me!! Help Me. I don't want to bury in the backyard next to mt soon to be ex-wife.


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what was outside temp? what was briskets last known IT? my gut says your fine. but my gut has allot of margaritas and dackerys in it so I'm not trusting it



Happy New Year


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Did you have a temp probe in it from the beginning?

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How's it turn out?



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