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Smoking time question

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I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this, hoping someone can help me out. Using an electric ECB, smoking spares, 3-2-1. What king of time increase should I expect smoking 4 racks of spares as opposed to 1? I've only smoked ribs for myself before. Never tried multiple racks. I'm trying to figure out the timing for tomorrow and I have a bad feeling it's going to take quite a bit longer than normal. Thanks for any advice. 

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I use the same time with ribs in matter the amount..





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Yes, I have to agree.  Spares are mostly bone and once warmed up bone is a good conductor of heat.  The additional time my be very minimal.   Use the time suggestions as just that, suggestions.  You need to be able to look at the meat, get an idea of where it is in the process and use that to know when to foil and then return to the smoker to finish up.  Depending on your smoker 3 - 2 - 1 may overcook your ribs.  No telling, you have to check them.


Good Luck and have fun



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I just did 6 racks of spares on Wed/Thurs, I used the 3-2-1 and it took me 7.25 hours, the added time is including foil and defoil time and they needed a bit longer on the 1 hour time to firm up good.. The 3-2-1 is time in smoker for most part, as someone already mentioned you Must check them.

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It will take the same time to do multiple racks as it will for one. The only difference will be when you first put all the meat in the smoker.


All the cold meat will drop the smoker temp down, and it will recover much slower until all the racks get warm. 


So if your planning on smoking them at 225. I would pre heat the smoker to 275, then when you put the meat in see what the temp is & when it stabilizes, set it back to 225.

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