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jerky marinade

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the main jerky seasoning i usully use calls for it to be mixed with water for strip style jerky.  i picked up some hi mountain seasoning mix and it says to sprinckle it one the meat and let sit in the fridge...i mixed it with water the way i usully do.  will that still work...i like the marinade theory better than the "dry rub"...

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Wrademac, please go by the Roll Call and introduce yourself,let use know where you live(or general region), you type of cooker and your experience,


As for the brine, I would think the liquid would work,however the pros will chime in and gifve you the "correct" answer.


Welcome to the SMF and...

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I would highly suggest following the recipe in the kit. The recipe and cure contents are very specific and should be followed closely. If you wish to wet brine I would look for a recipe that involves that process so that you can have a safe finished product that you can share with your friends and family. Good luck! And yes hit roll call as soon as you can so you can get a proper greeting!


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