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Bad azz Butt

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Check out this Pig Butt, I almost cant wait for it to rest before I tear into it.


Brined it and injected overnight with;


1 cup apple cider

1/2 cup water

1 tbl spoon Worcestershire sauce

1 tbl spoon salt

1 tbl spoon granulated sugar

1 tbl spoon Cajun Spice


Then rubbed it down with;


1/2 cup dark brown sugar

1/2 cup paprika

1/4 cup kosher salt

1/4 cup chili powder

1/4 cup dry mustard

1 tbl spoon black pepper

2 tbl spoon cajun spice

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger


Low and slow for in my MES for 12.5 hours until the inner temp hit 190.


yum yum


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Looks GREAT!

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That looks great. Makes me want to smoke one right now.
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Thanks, come on over and well have a cold one and a pulled pork sammy

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looks mighty good to me. Nice and juicy as well

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Looks delicious!

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Makin my mouth water! yum        drool.gif

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I guess that I have offended by using the word a@@ so I apologize, I by no means meant to offend any one.

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I must say that it was delicious.  I pulled it and put it in a pan to be heated up the next day. before I put it in the fridge i poured a little apple cider on it and wrapped it up. the next day when it was heated up it was perfect. not a bite left over. I hate to go on & on but this was the best turn out I have ever had.

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