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Day two of Rib fest - Qview

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Day two of experimenting. I had rubbed these ribs with the same spicy mix I used yesterday and had them in the fridge over night.  Since yesterdays were too spicy I rinsed the ribs to remove much of the rub.


I also made a few changes to the smoker.  I add a throw away water pan that is much deeper than the one that came with it.  I also added a deep throw away pan for the chunks and I covered it with foil and added holes.  Hopefully that will keep the flame ups away.


I'm one hour in and the smoker seems to be holding temps steady with decent smoke.  I'm thinking the water pan plays a huge roll here as yesterday when I had flames I was pretty much out of water.


Day Two




See you in about 7 hours!

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Great start!

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Looking good so far.

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