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I never had a problem frying a turkey in the past 6 years, Definitely pre-measure your oil, and definitely turn the burner off when lowering the turkey into the oil, or removing it from the oil. Then re-light the burner once settled. If you're afraid of being close to the pot, or it tipping over or falling off when re-lighting, then you should be worried about your set up in general. My pot and burner are very heavy sturdy and don't move if bumped. I don't go all out with the ladder and pulley, since to me that seems way more clumsy then me using my hands and a sturdy hook.


Have fun and be safe. If you're questioning if such and such is a good idea, it's probably not.

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I deep fry every year and I personally believe people need to read up before jumping head on into turkey frying. Please stay away from your house!!! I fry my birds 20 feet from any structure, shut off the flame before you put the bird into the bot. careful on the size. if your pot says 16 pounds don't try to stuff an 18 pounder in there and finally PLEASE Thaw your bird. Turkey can't fly for a reason.



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I agree with ya 100% on being careful not to over fill the oil. I got lucky and a guy at work had a infrared fryer for a great price. Thing works great and don't have to worry about over filling and the cost of oil.

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One tip that is often overlooked is dealing with the hot oil AFTER dinner. Remember that the vat of oil remains hot long after the burner is turned off. Make sure that the oil and pot are cooling down in a secure, safe place where kids can't accidentally knock it over when playing outside after dinner.......
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Most of what you say is true, but don't put rub on the outside. The oil will just burn the rub and you don't get the flavor. If you try to do another bird you will find that it effects the flavor. Either inject the bird or brim it for 12 to 24 hrs.


I have been frying birds for over six years. I have three cookers, that I use to support some missionary with the money collect. I ask for donations and cook your turkey.

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This post may save a few turkey and homes from burning this holiday season. Have a great Thanksgiving all..............:th_violent5:

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Im using jeffs cranberry brine, its then gonna get the deep fry treatment. Its sitting in it right now, im going for a full 36 hours in it hoping to really have cranberry flavor. Its not getting the butter treatment obviously. Found a container at the dollar store that will hold a ten lb turkey. With three bottles of juice and an empty washed and filled with water to hold it down, fits perfect in my fridge.

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Also, do a search on youtube "How to put out an oil fire".



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I like the suggestions on the water. To deep fry a Turkey you must have the correct setup. We lower the bird in with two people and take it real slow.

I have been doing them for years and I always use caution.


I have one for you, one of our local club members lost his house to a deep frying turkey accident. His neighbor turned over the pot and burned the club members house down. The chefs house was fine. :(

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now this is safe turkey frying!!!


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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

Please be safe when deep frying... Here Is a suggestion I came up with about the level of oil in the pot... Before you even put rub on your turkey place it in the deep fryer and fill with water to the proper level... Now take the turkey out of the water and mark your pot on the outside (pieace of tape so you can do it another time with a different sized bird)... Now you can fill your pot with oil and feel comfortable about putting the bird in the hot oil... remember to turn the flame off when dropping the bird in the pre-heated oil... Also remember to dry your pot and your bird... You know how hot oil and water don't get along

Happy Thanksgiving


Great tip - I have a tried and true, bullet proof way to prevent a fire. (like yours)


It's so easy I can't believe it's not published in the manual.


Tip? Turn off the flame when you put the THAWED bird in the hot oil. No matter how much it splatters, there is no flame to ignite the oil! Just wait till things settle down a bit and relight the burner.


I'm going one step further again this year - I am smoking my turkey to 105* and then putting her in the hot oil spa. Smokey, juicy, crispy goodness.


Happy thanksgiving my friends.

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Gringo, let me know how that comes out.  Sounds like a fabulous idea!

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I've done it before and it is awesome. This year I'm going to put some garlic/onion infused butter between the skin and breast during the smoke. Yummo! Like I said, smoke at 230* until internal temp (breast) is right at 105*. Remove from smoke and let rest about 1/2 hour (while oil comes to temp (400*)) and then fry until she floats - then check for safe temps. I'll try to get a picture and post it.

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I plan to do the same thing Gringo. was wondering if spatchcocking the bird will make a difference when frying it?

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reeko - I was about to post the same thing.  We use a shovel handle that we put through the handle of the rack the bird sits on to give us some distance from the pot, then glove and jacket up and go though about 4-5 slow dip in, pull out cycles before we seat the bird for the soak.  Knock on wood, have never had any flare ups.  Wife also stands by with the fire extinguisher just in case.


Be safe y'all.

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Great thread here.  I have fried a few birds in the past and will do another one tomorrow.  Some of the points made here serve as a great reminder as to how dangerous this type of turkey cooking method can be.


(as a side note, I am also smoking a turkey using Jeff's directions, his rub, and the basic brine recipe.)


Happy and safe Thanksgiving!



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I have an electric turkey fryer.  I it is much safer on the oil over flowing.  Also it much easier to control the temp of the oil.  I use to have a gas fryer and the big issue I had was keeping the oil temp steady.  Also this can be used inside but by using the gas fryer for years I still use it out side on a non flammable surface.  Like my concrete patio.   The only draw pack to my electric fryer is the size  I can only do small turkey's 10 -12 pounds.   I use it year round.  Any question you have about it let me know. It is a master built fryer.

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Dont do the cranberry brine on a deep fry. I really didnt think that through. The sugars in the skin burned. The turkey was great and the skin was ok in small amounts but coming out of the frier it looked like a disaster.

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Originally Posted by jlh42581 View Post

Dont do the cranberry brine on a deep fry. I really didnt think that through. The sugars in the skin burned. The turkey was great and the skin was ok in small amounts but coming out of the frier it looked like a disaster.

Good tip. I was considering doing that. Thanks.

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I have deep fried many turkeys, not sure where you got that info JckDanls 07, but it came in the instruction book that came with my Turkey frier.


What I do is cover the area with tin foil; I use craft glue to glue some pieces together, to make about a 6 foot by 6 foot sheet.  I set the burner and pot on that.  This tin foil sheet can catch any oil that gets out of the pot, and oil does get out. 


Also, the number one safety tip, make sure the bird is totally defrosted before placing it in the oil.

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