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    Please be safe when deep frying... Here Is a suggestion I came up with about the level of oil in the pot... Before you even put rub on your turkey place it in the deep fryer and fill with water to the proper level... Now take the turkey out of the water and mark your pot on the outside (pieace of tape so you can do it another time with a different sized bird)... Now you can fill your pot with oil and feel comfortable about putting the bird in the hot oil... remember to turn the flame off when dropping the bird in the pre-heated oil... Also remember to dry your pot and your bird... You know how hot oil and water don't get along

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Boy I never realized how dangerous frying a turkey is!
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    Yea if you aren't careful or aren't aware of the dangers it can be very dangerous.
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    Which picture do you want to have for a finish?  Left... or right?  [​IMG]


    Please have a Happy, and Safe, Thanksgiving!
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    Good idea Keith [​IMG]
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    Another good idea is to shut the burner off when you go to put the turkey in then relight it once you know it's not going to overflow
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    bump... anyone who's frying.... PLEASE BE SAFE
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    nice bump[​IMG]
  9. Also be sure you have at least a couple of extra inches of space in your pot. Hot oil expands
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    Also, don't try to preheat the fryer pot before adding the oil. Found this out the hard way once.
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    A lot of places burn down over the Thanksgiving holiday because of this.  Bummer!
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    Another idea is, if you have no experience or confidence in your abilities, don't fry the turkey. Cook it in the oven or smoker.
  13. coffee_junkie

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    I am not sure I like the idea of turning the burner off, dropping the bird then relighting. I don't like to get that close, if it tips over when relighting it would be really bad! Definatly pre measure with water, make sure bird is dry. Also drop the bird in very SLOWLY.....

    I am smoking one and frying one this year. I love them both ways!
  14. Yup.
    I generally slowly dip the turkey in and out of the hot oil.
    If you do it in slow stages, you don't get the violent overflow.
  15. frosty

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    Also, having a friend hold the other end of the pole when you lower it makes it easier to GO SLOW.  Longer the pole the better.  However, you cannot beat a smoked/fried turkey.

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    A few thoughts on safety and deep frying a turkey from my personal experience. A number of years ago my cousin was the rotational host for our annual Thanksgiving get together. He decided to test drive his new deep frying kit with a 16 lb. turkey (his first experience). In addition to the over sized turkey, the following is a list of the REALLY DUMB things he (we) did:

    1. Started the day with few Bloody Marys followed by the traditional neighborhood flag football game, then followed by a few drinks at a local tap purchased by the losing team (tradition again).
    2. Set up deep fryer on his newly laid concrete driveway with no protection beneath (originally wanted to do it on his newly built wooden deck but his wife vetoed doing that).
    3. It was an uncommonly warm day so he chose shorts and flip flops as his preferred cooking wardrobe.
    4. Opened another beer, overfilled fryer and overheated oil.
    5. Inserted very, very cold turkey into the deep fryer. Oil immediately erupted and overflowed from the fryer. Cousin jumped and knocked over fryer with remaining oil.
    6. Very minor result - New driveway cosmetically shot - Cousin had it ripped out and relaid a year later.
    7. Very major result - Cousin had 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the knees down on both legs. He was in the hospital for a couple weeks then disabled from work for 4 months. Went through a series of skin grafts over a 2 year period. Still has problems with occasional pain or numbness in his legs.

    As a PS, my wife had purchased a deep frying kit as a Christmas gift for me a couple of months before the incident. It was still in the box and she returned it to the store the day after Thanksgiving.

    Good luck and be extremely careful, especially if it is your first time deep frying a turkey.
  17. coffee_junkie

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    Yes, all bad things to do during a deep fry day. I have done dozens of turkeys and still take my time and I am very careful! Best thing to do if it is your first time is to have help from an experienced person. Also, keep a close eye on that thing after the bird comes out. I always worry about the kids running around and playing football or something and nocking over the pot, even after it is shut down for a while it takes a bit to cool enough not to worry about burns.
  18. markyque

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    Thanks for the bump.  My son is frying his first turkey this Thanksgiving and this is much needed advice.

    I normally brine smoked or roasted turkeys.  Do fried turkeys need to be brined?
  19. Remember seeing this video on FoodNetwork.  Alton Brown's Fried Turkey Derrick.  (same technique for measuring amount of oil needed)  Then he attaches a pulley to the top of turkey rig that drops into the oil, places a ladder over the fryer, attaches a cleat to the side of the ladder, strings up the turkey above the oil and ties it off at the cleat before heating the oil.  Then unties the turkey and slowly lowers it into the fryer from a safe distance.  Seems like a safe and relatively easy set up. (although I don suspect you need the rotating emergency light on top of the ladder).

    Be safe.
  20. What I did was over fill my first time and burnt a big hole in my yard...  I had a old kiddy pool to put under the fryer after that It saves the driveway also ..No grease clean out ya know...Happy Frying And Turkey day to all....Bones

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