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Strong Smoke Flavor

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I did my first ever batch of smoked cheese this last Friday. I used my MES 40 with the AMNSP and used hickory pellets. I smoked for about two hrs and lit the AMNSP on both ends because I've seen were several guys on here smoke theirs for about 3-3.5 hrs. I thought by lighting both ends it would help with the 2 hr time crunch i had. After trying a piece it was extremely smokey. Will letting the cheese sit in the fridge for the desired two week period allow it have a less smokey flavor, or should I mark this one up as inexperience?

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I say let it sit for 2 weeks.  It does get better with age.  Another thing to consider is the wood of choice.  Hickory has a "bite" to it and it is for some and not others.  I tried my first batch of cheese with hickory but I thought it had to much of a bite.  Since then I have been using fruit woods and like this better with cheese.  Overall I say let it sit, try it, then adjust for next round.

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It will be fine in a couple of weeks. It must age, and it will mellow out considerably. I always make a large batch of cheese because the longer it sits the better it gets. So each time you get a new package out of the fridge it tastes better than the last one.

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Yes the cheese will mellow with aging. Next time try using some apple or my favorite is a mix of apple and pecan.


Let us know how it turns out 

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Thanks guys...will do.

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Don't panic....All will be OK

Next time, only light (1) end and you'll have plenty of smoke

You can always smoke again, if the smoke is too light



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I've lit both ends when smoking cheese and let it rip for 3-3 1/2 hours. After 2 weeks it's excellent and not over smoked. I dont use hickory though with both ends lit, just apple or cherry.

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My first smoked cheese batch was strong at first, wait 2 weeks and wow what a difference. the longer you wait it gets better.  But who can wait that long. Enjoy

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I'm told the fats need to "absorb" the smoke particle.  Translation: let sit in the fridge to a while.


I have also found 77F to be a good cold smoke temp for mose cheeses for some reason. 


Good luck!

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