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So today turned out to be less windy than the weatherman had told me it was going to be so I decided to try a smoked meatloaf for supper. I wanted to give my AMNPS another go when I could keep an eye on it anyway. Started with a basic meatloaf recipe:


2lbs of 93% ground beef, 2 eggs, almost a whole sleeve of cheap store brand Ritz crackers, 2/3 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, and one small onion which we didn't have so we substitued 1/3 cup of dried minced onion. I didn't take any prep pics...everyone knows how meatloaf is made. After the loaf was hand formed, it went onto a pie cooling rack over the top of a foil pan so there would be no mess in the MES. The top of the loaf got a quick shake of Weber Chicago Steak seasoning and into a 225 degree MES it went. I loaded my AMNPS with pecan and off we went. I waited about 45 minutes before inserting the probe so the loaf had some time to setup a bit.



At 2.5 hours in, the IT was at 130 so I basted on our simple but tasty meatloaf sauce topping consisting of 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of ketchup, and 1 tablespoon of prepared mustard.



When three hours had elapsed, I removed my AMNPS from the smoker. It had not quite burned through one row so I don't know what the deal was with my earlier trouble this weekend on the pork butts. At this point, I raised the temp to 250. Half an hour later, I raised the temp yet again to 275. I was figuring 4 hours for this smoke but after 4 hours IT was still only at 150 and I had a hungry toddler not willing to wait it out so into a 350 degree oven it went for about 15-20 minutes to bring the IT to 165.

Out of the oven



Obligatory Bearview


And the meal...


This was in a word, HEAVENLY! The pecan imparted a nice smoke flavor that wasn't overbearing. Even at 93%, the meatloaf wasn't overly dry. I hate grease dripping from my meatloaf so this was perfect. I don't think we will ever do meatloaf in the oven ever again. Thanks for looking and happy smoking!



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Send me a few slices for sammies for luch tomorrow.  LOL

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Look like a great dinner!

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I love smoked meatloaf, Yours looks good


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OVERLY DRY!...That Bear View Pic looks like you could WRING IT OUT and it still would not be overly dry! Nice Job...JJ


BTW...Toddler or Teenager...They are not willing to wait! But with Teenagers, you get to put up with more SARCASM!102.gif

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Looks good i will love a pleat like this for lunch .it is a great job

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It looks absolutely delicious to me!

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Great looking loaf

I like the sauce idea, I may have to give it a try on my next loaf




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