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Post South Florida Gathering Smoking! (Brisket and chickens)

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Hey all,

after a great South Florida Gathering this past weekend i got home sunday afternoon and wanted to sit and watch football but was inspired from all i saw and learned at the gathering that decided to do some more smoking!  I had some meat left over from the gathering that i never got a chance to smoke.


So i rubbed down a 2.5lb brisket in Worsty sauce and rubbed with Texas BBQ Rub's brisket rub.  let sit out for about 30 mins while i injected the chickens with a mixture of EVOO, BBQ Sauce, and Wing Sauce (never tried this combo before so wanted to give it a whirl)


fought through exhaustion from the weekend and fired up the WSM and got the temp up to around 250 (higher then i normally smoke but wanted to finish them quicker).  the brisket and chickens on the top shelf and let them smoke.  planned to check at the 4 hour mark.  at 3.5 hours (halftime of the football game) i probed and the brisket was already up to 180 and one chicken the breasts were 165 and 167!  The other chicken one side of breast was 165 and the other was around 150...i had never had this happen before!!


Took the brisket out at that point and decided to leave both chickens in another 30 mins...figured the more done one could go a little longer. Wrapped the brisket up in foil and a towel. took the chickens out out and covered in foil for about a hour.  Unwrapped everything and slicked half a breast and the brisket.  great color on the brisket but it was a little dryer then i wanted...probably because of the higher cooking temps.


chicken came out amazing...kinda wish i would have entered the chicken competition at the Gathering ;)


Chicken inject was a little thick so i dont think it got into the meat very well.ill need to thin it out next time




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Well the yardbird and the brisket look pretty darn good.

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That chicken looks like next years winner Doug!



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Loks great!

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Those birds look great. Very nice color.

The brisky looks darn good to drool.gif

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Everything looks perfect.

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