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Boy that's a beauty. I love the dark bark!

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 Second one is done ....quick shower drive to the church .......I'll let ya know how it goes over ....qview 001.JPG


Sorry if I drove ya all crazy with all the pix and post ....but it made the time fly by !    temp 225 7.5 hours    Hope to get a pick slicing it up ! 

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The second one is a beauty too!


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Awesome color!!!


Both of them !!!!





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Not a pic of the slicing ........or  sliced meat ......right after the wedding , the meat was sliced , by the people laying out the food , and I am proud to report it all went ! 

The milder Brisket was very juicy and tasty.  The "Regular Brisket " with Jeff's rub was also juicy moist and great taste.   Both had great bark nice and thick full a flavor

I did over hear a guest ask " Where did Ya get the brisket ?, its really Good ! "


THANKS to all Ya great experienced Smokers !   I have learned a lot in a short time and owe it ALL to this forum  and its GREAT MEMBERS !   hopefully one day I can pass some experience to some new smokers !istockphoto_15790860-bbq-surf-tiki.jpg

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