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better than your favorite "CHEESE DIP"

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made this saturday with some other stuff while watching football and drinking

if you want a shack everyone will eat and want more than this is the one


Smoked hamburger, onions, sour cream cheese cheese, and cheese   (basic ingredients) 


gotta have a shot of killer clearing the beach!


lsu 007.jpg


here it is hot out of the oven


lsu 015.jpg


after about two minutes


lsu 016.jpg




this was crazy good  


thanks for looking

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Can you post the recipe? I wanna try it.

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Uh-oh...had to add this to my list of perspective dishes for next year's family reunion. Of course I'll probably have to make a batch before then, just because it looks and sounds to good to wait for 8 more months...ha!


Thanks for the idea, Rick!




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Bet that was good...

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Great looking dish Rick. Man I bet that is tasty 

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looks good rick!

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HAHAHAAH Killer cleaning the beach!!!!  The dip looks awesome!!

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Man does that look good Rick!


Bet it didn't last long!

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Nice Rick, I love any kind of cheese dip.

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Great idea Rick thanks.

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Looks-Great.gifWhat kind of cheese?

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The dip looks awesome and Go Gators

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That's gotta be awesome!!!


I got dibs on those last lonely looking 5 pieces of smoked sausage too!!!!

Unless Killer gets them first!!!




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