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You are doing a great thing Ecto! Regardless of whatever you brother is able to pull together in his life, at least your niece will have a chance to succeed! Prayers for your family, and hang in there my friend! thumb1.gif

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Dear Lord our father in heaven we come to you this morning asking you to forgive us of our sins that we may approach your


throne of Grace. We ask that you be with this family and all the children Lord, that you would hold them close to you and


give them guidance and comfort in the days and years to come.  Lord we also ask in prayer together for the brother and


sister in law that you could touch there heart Lord that they may see the precious gift that you have for them that they may


come to know you that they may know what love is.  We thank you Lord for this family willing to step in and raise this child


as there own, and give her the love she needs.  We thank you for all things and for your precious Son Jesus Christ we ask


these things in his name



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Have patients, you did the right thing.

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Job is one of my favorite books in the whole Bible.  Just remember after Job went through the trial God allowed, he was blessed twice over.  Stay strong Brother. If you need anything just PM me.



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Ill be praying for you. This is a lot to take on. If you need anything let me know.

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