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My first smoked chickens

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Decided it was time to try some chickens. I brined them for 2 hours in the slaughterhouse brine, and then seasoned one with chicken rub and the other with some lemon zest stuff.  Had them going in the smoker at about 10:30 this morning and pulled them out at 2:30. It was hard to even get the temperature up to like 120 in the beginning but then I got it rolling at about 270-280 for the remainder of the smoke; consistently adding more hickory chips and chunks. In the end it looks like they came out pretty good. I know the internal temp. should be 165, i anticipated about a 6 hour smoke when it only took four, left them in for a bit too long and they got up to 185. The chicken that was in the back came out perfect; the one in front crisped up a bit too much. Although after some rest in tinfoil even the crispy one has softened up nicely. Now I'm gonna grab some buns for sammies and some bbq beans; have myself a good smoked chicken dinner.











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How were they?

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Wow those birds look beautiful!


What a great color on the skin!

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