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My first Fatty

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I have a huge family breakfast coming on Labor Day and wanted to try one first.  I will post done pics soon.


The Contents



The Weave



With Jeff's Rub

With rub.jpg

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The inside.jpg

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Looks good for a first one
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th_anim_burp.gif I'd hit that! 

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i remember my first fattie    she didnt look as good as yours though

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People say that looks good for your first one.  I'm wondering what the heck could be better on a second?

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You set the bar pretty high for yourself first time out of the chute439.gif

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That's pretty awesome for your first try!



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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

th_anim_burp.gif I'd hit that! 

X2 ROTF.gif


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If you like then I sure like it...

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