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decidied to throw one together today.. used some burger and a box of stuffing mixed together then hunk of cheese in the middle and then the bacon  :)DSCN0973.JPGDSCN0976.JPG

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now the finish!!DSCN0978.JPGDSCN0982.JPGDSCN0984.JPG


couldnt forget the plate shot

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Very tasty looking chow!!!




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Looks great thumb1.gif

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Yummy that looks great

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good looking fattieicon14.gif

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Looks good!


Nice meal!

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thanks got a little too crispy in the bottom because i used a little hotter heat but it turned out ok it was tasty!!!

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Looks good I like that recipe, gonna have to give it a try. icon14.gif

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I love that rec. I think i will pirate it. Did you cook directly above the heat. I have only done one bacon wrap and i did it off the side away from the heat. I think i read that it would be good to crisp up just for a short while directly above and then move to finish. I may have that backwards i don't know.  I am going to try one for lunch today.


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Great looking fattie!! 

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Great color on that bacon!  Nice plate of food.


Good luck and good smoking.

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yeah i did it direct over heat i should have did it indirect but for the first one i didn't know how it was ganna cook up..either way it was good

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It is a good meal icon14.gif

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What are the green and yellow and orange things on the plate with the fat slice of fatty?  HA!


Wow does that look good.  Use a meat probe to check for doneness? 


Nicely done.  Just showed my coworkers and we are all freaking out at the possibility of fatty design.

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yeah just meat thermometer ...thanks guys!!! im ganna do another one soon!!!!

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Well done.

Thanks for sharing

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