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My first Fattie

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I finally got around to trying my first Fattie.


I started with some Bob Evans sausage, some of my smoked bacon, grated potatoes, onion, colby jack cheese, and mushrooms.

fattie 001.jpg


Precooked the bacon and onion together.

fattie 002.jpg



Threw in the mushrooms and potatoes.

fattie 003.jpg


Rolled out the meat

fattie 004.jpg


I seal it up but had to open it back up. Forgot the cheese the first time.

fattie 005.jpg


Into the frig overnight. I just put some bacon on the top. I did not want to try a weave on my first one.

Into the smoker in the morning with some apple wood at 250 degrees.

1 hour into it at 132 degrees.

fattie 006.jpg


After 1.5 hours total it hit 165 internal temp.

fattie 007.jpg


The flavor and texture were perfect. The next one will have some jalapeno in it. I was sharing this one with my wife and she wont do the pepper.

fattie 008.jpg


Thanks for looking. Kevin

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Looks good Kevin!

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looks great!  don't be intimidated by the weave, it is easier than it looks and adds alot to the fatty.  use the search bar and you can find step-by-step instructions on how to do.

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That looks great Kevin!!!



And Awesome BearView to boot!!!


You Pittsburgh Guys are A-OK !!!!




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Thanks guys. I think I am going to try corned beef and pastrami for my next project.

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Looks very tasty!

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Nice job!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Good Eats!!

Why is fatty placed on the top shelf??

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Looks great,nice job. icon14.gif

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Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn

have an excellent recipe for Corned Beef

and Pastrami in their book "Charcuterie"

When I serve the Pastrami at our Restaurant.

New Yorker's have told me that it's better then

Katz's Deli in NYC


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Originally Posted by nmtemp View Post

Good Eats!!

Why is fatty placed on the top shelf??

My unit gets about 8 degrees hotter on the lowest shelf. For some reason if I set the temp to 250 it is around 258 on the bottom. I always cook anything like this by itself on the top. I have to rotate the racks if I am using them all for something like ribs.



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