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Welcome Home Baby, Rib smoke w/Q-view

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I have not done a smoke in about a month as I was waiting for my wife to give birth but have been itching too.  A few weeks ago she gave birth to our first child, so this past weekend we decided to have a BBQ so that everyone can meet the him.  We decided to do ribs as the local supermarket had them on sale for $1.50/lb.  We did 4 racks with Jeff's rub and 2 racks that were purchased pre-rubbed from a speciality butcher a few months ago.  I used apple wood for smoking on both.

Ribs with Jeff's rub going on the grill


Pre-rubbed ribs going on the grill (yes it is a gas grill)



I had no issues retaining heat on the gass grill, but my smoker vgave me hell and took a few hours to get to maintain above 225.  I set out to do the 3-2-1 method.  the first 3 hours went smoothly minus the heat issues.  When it came to wrapping in foild we used Coca-Cola as the liquid for all.  After 2 hours foiled, it came time to remove the foil but the ribs were already at temp.  So I unfoiled them and laid tem back on the grills but at a lower heat to keep warm.


Ribs all cooked and cut ( Sorry, my father Cut the racks and mixed them up,so I can't tell which is which)



When it all said and done everyone loved the ribs (those that like ribs at least), especially Jeff's rub. 

All in all it was a good smoke and daddy's little helper was pooped out at then end of the day.


(The onesie says: My daddy is king of the grill)



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My boy has the same onesie!
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The ribs look great!


Congrats on the new baby!

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Looking good congrats on the new addition

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Nice Ribs !!!!!!!


Qview is Great !!!


BearView is Awesome!!!!


Bview (BabyView) is PERFECT !!!!!


Eating a bunch of ribs tires me out too !!!  biggrin.gif






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Congrats on the new family member beercheer.gif, and some great looking food!

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Congrats on the son. Good lookin kid. Great lookin ribs too.


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Good Ribs and a fine looking Boy241.png   Stan.....congratulation_graphics_2.gif

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Congrats on the ribs and your new helper. icon14.gif

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Ribs look great drool.gif and Congrats on the beautiful baby boy....   My son is 13yrs old and is so into cooking with me, now have a 5 mnth old and shell be up next lol

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