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my secound smoke........spare ribs

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after a huge success on some butts this weekend, i decided to try some mid week ribs.


here is a link to my first smoke with q-view.....




first pic after they hit the racks......




this time i decided to add a lil water to the drip pan, temp set @ 2fiddy a little apple wood in the chip drawer....and the the waiting game starts.

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nice looking slabs of pork so far...waiting for the finish...glad the butts turned out for ya.....the hooks been set

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popcorn.gif waiting for the qview 

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wow they came out pretty darn good!


heres some pork porn....








i used apple wood chips, real nice smoke taste.what other wood is good for ribs? the top rack ribs were a little strong tasting. i might use a little less chips next time.


smoked them for 3 hours, wrapped for 1 , and let them rest for a half hour.



....hmmmmmm....wonder what i should try next......maybe brisket.....any other suggestions?






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They look good, nice & juicy!

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Those look great, cherry or maple is good also. 

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I usually use Cherry and it turns out great.  As far as whats next, you can never go wrong with a fatty...or a turkey, or a brisket, or a chicken, really anything, i guess i'd suggest the fatty, nothing better then bacon wrapped meatsdrool.gif

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I would say try out a chuckie!!!  My first one was incredible.  Nice looking ribs!!

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Whats a chuckle?
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A Chuckie is a thick, 3-4", chunk of Beef Chuck Shoulder Roast. It's one of the most perfect cuts of Beef for, "LOW and Slow" smoking. It has a good blend of Fat, Lean and Collagen (a connective protein that breaks down into Gelatin) that will yield a Tender, Juicy, Rich, Beefy Flavored piece of Heaven.


Nice work on those Ribs! They look mighty tasty...JJ

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It looks great and juicy i can eat few  of these easy

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