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Yesterday's Smoke: Chicken with Q-View

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I had only planned on doing my first chuckie yesterday but the Missus asked if we could have my parents over for dinner.


Since it was a last minute thing, I ran to the store and grabbed a pack of drums and a pack of thighs.


No before pics this time but I made an impromptu Italian rub with salt, CBP, basil, oregano, granulated garlic, onion powder and a little brown sugar.  Tossed it all with a little vegetable oil and into the chill chest for six hours.


Smoked with a little charcoal, cherry and maple.




This was easily some of the best chicken that I have ever made or had for that matter.  I will definitely be doing this again and soon, at that.




Paired with a nice salad with greens and scallions from the garden.  Oh, and the chuckie, it is on there but wasn't much to speak of.  I was rushed and didn't give it as much attention as it needed.  It'll be fine shredded up in beef vegetable soup in the fall.


Thanks for lookin' again!



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Great looking yardbird, I could go for a plate or two of that. drool.gif

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Nice job! It looks real juicy!

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It looks yummy th_sSig_goodjob.gif

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Looks good Chris, The bird has nice colordrool.gif


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