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Rookie Brisket Q-view

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Well, after lots of help from you folks here at SMF, I finally finished cooking my first brisket. I put it in at 10, wrapped it in foil at 165 degrees, and took it off at 195 degrees at 9:00. Then I wrapped it in foil and a towel and put it in a cooler until 10. We sliced it at 10 to give it a taste. It was good, but a little less moist than I had hoped for. Any suggestions for how to get a juicier brisket? More time? Less time?


Thanks again for your help yesterday!




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It looks good from here. at  what Tempe did you smoke it ?maybe it is the meat th_sSig_goodjob2.gif

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I cooked it at 229, I think.

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When you say you think 229. Did you have a reliable therm on the grate next to the brisket. What kind of smoker did you use. From the looks of the brisket I'm guessing you have a MES. If you do, did you go by the temp. setting on the controller. It can be off by 20 degrees or more. If you had it set at 229, you could have been smoking at 250 or more. I like to smoke brisket at around 210 & take it to 205 IT. It takes a little longer, but for brisket low & slow really works for me. I also put the trimmed fat on a rack above the brisket so it continually drips on the brisket & keeps it moist. Still it sounds like it tasted well & brisket is one of the hardest cuts to get right, so for your first time you did a great job!   

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Looks Great...

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Did you add any AJ or anything when you foiled er up?

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I was going by the temp on the MES digital display. I think I better get an oven thermometer so I can check the accuracy of my temp gage. Thanks for that tip!


And yep, I put some apple juice in with the brisket when I wrapped it in foil, but not very much. Maybe I'll put more in next time.


We're having it for dinner tonight since it took so long yesterday. Do you have any suggestions for reheating?


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DO NOT go by the MES's digital thermometer, I have found mine to be anwhere from 15-30 degrees off, depending on outside temps, wind, etc.  Get a Maverick'll be glad you did.


I prefer to do my brisket at about 250F....foil at 165F with a cup or two of apple juice to really steam in the juice.  THen Pull off at 195F...let rest 2 hours.




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I would steam it to warm it up.

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Steam it or put it in a crock pot with some juice.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Steam it or put it in a crock pot with some juice.



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When you took the brisket off at 195 IT you could have also left it out on the counter top still wrapped in foil . I usually dont want mine to keep cooking , which will happen when you put it in the cooler . Believe me if you picked a good brisket that helps too .

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Looks great! Nice job!icon14.gif

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    Dude, I'm not seeing much Fat on that meat,did you trim it?  If so, next time don't,and trimm after the cook.icon_eek.gif

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Looks pretty darn good from my chair!!!!

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Claudia ,

 As I am so golden hearted, I would offer my services as quality control taster.

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!drool.gif

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