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Looks-Great.gifWere is the bear veiw?Love your smoker.

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Originally Posted by krivera1 View Post

If anybody is interested to buy this unit Sports Authority has it on their online store here for $300:


Shipping is about $50 - taxes if you live in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, NY, OK, SC, TN, TX, and VA.

Academy is running free shipping right now, so you would pay $299 out the door (plus taxes for the states listed above).

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Want to take the plung.  Any more reviews on using this smoker?

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I just got the Smokey Hollow 44 in, and the lip around the bottom above the water pan is not there?  Did they remove this in a later design?  seemed like a good feature to keep grease in the water pan.

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I just looked in the PDF of the manual and it seems that it has changed. They have one on the floor at Bi-Mart. I'll look next week and see. But I did notice that there is a grease cup in the manual and I thought the ring model didn't have one.



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I put together mine yesterday. Have yet to season it and obviously yet to use it, but I plan to use chunks in the chip pans to get a (hopefully) longer smoke. I will let you all know how it turns out, including photos.

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I am attempting to purchase one of these units

Is anyone aware of Canadian retailer of Smoke Hollow smokers

Have tried to contact the company; but all efforts have failed

Thank you for your time


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I am also trying to make up my mind and get one also......let me know if you do and what do you think of it. I did call the Smoke Hollow number from thier home page and they were very helpfull. The number is 866-475-5180..M thru Fri 8am to 4:30 pm...central time

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I did buy mine in June '12.  Do not know about supplier in Canada but Academy was $100 less that anyone.  Cooked about ten times and love it for any size party you might want.  It is hard to control heat in the low range but you will just have to play and get the technique right.   I think the double burner (10,000btu) arrangement gives more flexibility than the Masterbuilt Two Door Propane Smoker using a single 12,000btu burner.  The estimate on propane use is right on at about 24-30 hours per small tank.  Depends on how long you run the temperature hotter than normal.  Buy a good digital thermometer like the RF broadcast type to watch your chamber and food.  The one on the door can be as much as 50 F off.  Too tall on the chamber.  You will need to learn your smoker on this issue, as in all smokers!   The thin skin and high wind does hamper good temperature control, you will just deal with it.


I have smoked Ribs, spare and baby back, brisket, I am in Texas Ya'll, pork butt, pork RULES and home made Texas Hot Link sausage.  All worked great but you must learn the smoker, it is not a "set it and forget it" cooker.  I have yet to smoke turkey, fish and chicken.  As you can see I am a red meat person. 


The combo shelf with welded on rib rack is a bust for me.  The rack is too short and does not work well with taller "Spare ribs".  I bought their separate rib rack but prefer to smoke flat!  Here, you should just do what you like best.


I would be interested in how "chunks" worked over the chips.  I would think chips are better for good smoke taste.  All gas smokers are light in this category anyway.


For the money and a gas smoker you can not beat the Smoke Hollow 44.  I'll bet they are working on a larger area unit to handle the heat.  Get the cover and protect it from the elements as well! 


Happy smoking................

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Thank-you so much!!!! I am sure come Saturday...............I will be smoking 2 12 lb briskets. You say small tank? 20 or 30 gallon? I can get a 30 gal for about 50 you think I will need it?


Thank-you again!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by animal54 View Post

Thank-you so much!!!! I am sure come Saturday...............I will be smoking 2 12 lb briskets. You say small tank? 20 or 30 gallon? I can get a 30 gal for about 50 you think I will need it?


Thank-you again!!!!!!

The 20 pound will last the 15-18 hours needed.  If you have the capacity for the larger that is fine also.  The 20 # will go the 24  - 30 hours at the 225F temp.  I have done two sets of briskets and they were fine.  I have three 20# tanks in use for my grill and smoker.  I always have a spare that way.  There are scales that read tanks as well as those gauges that read tank pressure, both work.  A 30# tank is great but not mainstream and harder to just exchange.  I like the spare idea.

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I've had this smoker for about 9 months now and I've gotta say I am VERY dissatisfied with it. My dissatisfaction centers around the inability to get any sort of temperature control out of the product AT ALL.


First, with both burners on L-L the minimum temperature is 275F+. That's waaaay too high for smoking just about everything. With 1 burner off its possible to get under 200 so that's good. But the propane regulator supplied with the unit is total garbage and can't supply a consistent pressure to the burners. Out of the box the smoker swings +/- 40F.


I was able to get better control out of the smoker by using the adjustable regulator that came with my Blichmann brewing burner (had the same fittings on both ends!) so I was able to cut the temp swing in half. 


Knowing that a regulator wasn't so consistent I bought a new regulator with a needle valve. It's better now but it's still a brat. After 45 minutes of running stable at 230-232 I figured it was OK and walked away for about 30 minutes. I came back and it was over 250! 


In order to get a nice slab of ribs it takes 5 hours of constant baby sitting to keep it from getting too low or too high. 


On the plus side the unit I received seems to be of good quality for the price (my sweet wife paid $300 for it). All but 1 of the parts fit well. There was one screw hole that was off by more than 1/4" but since the rest lined up OK I had enough. 


My next step is to look into controller options because if i have to babysit this thing  I can't do anything else, or even take a minute to relax. 


It also chews through propane like nobodies business. Maybe this is normal? It eats a tank in less than 20 hours. Seems like a lot to me but I guess that's the price to pay for the size of the unit (which is huge). 

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great review .

I have looked at several  smokers after reading all your posts my mind is made up up I going with the 44

I have a very large smoker already  6'x2'  on a trailer but its just too big sometimes and has a hard time with temp control  with only having the fire box

so I am very excited for the propane option to see how the temp works out

if you find the racks fro sale please post a link im sure the jerky racks are tough to clean after all the sauce on them

Thanks again

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