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Well we had lunch at 1:00pm sharp, and here are some pix and observations...


I have to say I wasn't blown away with my first brisket. I am blown away with how the WSM performed. Almost 12 hours of smoke time, and I believe it and many more to go.


After getting to our destination, I took the brisket out of the cooler. It was still hot to the touch. We un-wrapped it, and she was looking pretty good. I stuck the thermometer in and she climbed to 140 degrees pretty quick, so I took the thermo out.


Brisket outta the foil -




I them proceeded to cut the point off. I almost got it off in one piece. I will have a better feel next time.


Point after being cut-off -




I then sliced into the flat, starting at the end the point was removed from -




It was ok I guess ... Not much of a smoke ring, which was kinda expected. I only put 3 small chunks of pecan in the load at the beginning. I did not trim as much of the fat off as I probably should of. The smoke did not penetrate the fat layer. There was hardly any juice in the foil. I am sure there are multiple reasons for this. The meat from the flat dried out pretty soon after cutting also.


Here is the money shot. Kinda of 'B' movie rated. Some less fat and a  sharp knife would of been a plus - 




Anyways, I brought the point home, and we were sitting around wondering what to have for dinner. I was thinking I was not gonna have time over the week to smoke the point and make burnt ends, so I had an idea. I chopped up the point and added it to a pot of BBQ sauce thinned down with apple juice, worcestershire sauce, and a touch of A-1. Opened up a can of 3 bean salad, sprinkled some Fritos on the plate, and wa-la, dinner was served -




Thanks to everyone who followed along. I do plan on perfecting this brisket thing !!