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Spare Ribs St. Louis Style w/QVIEW

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Ever since my family devoured my pulled pork and fatty, they've been beggin for more (i'm the only smoker in the family). So, I decided to surprise my dad with some spare ribs. My first try went smoooooooth :) I tried a brisket along with it, though it went.....less than tasted good, but not picture worthy. On to the ribbies!


Did the basic 3-2-1 method without any modifications (3 hours unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped, 1 hour unwrapped); I wanted to set a baseline before I started tampering with technique. On at 2:30pm, wrapped with a quarter cup o' apple juice at 5:30, and unwrapped at 7:30. Delisciousness at 8:30 :)


Smoked with applewood at 210*-230* (WSM holds SO rock solid, ya'll)


Trimmed em myself, I was so proud! Cool experience, but I think I'll have the butcher do it for me next time.


Membrane removed, and ready to go

Lookin Trim


All rubadubdubbed.



It was a tight fit on my 18.5 WSM, but I managed. Sure could use just a hair more space. but I'm not complaining.

Snugglin in the Dark


Side by side, at the end. I wrapped em just to keep them warm til I got back to the house. I snuck the ones on my right into my dad's house in foil and towels and left it on his kitchen counter as a surprise when he got home.from church last night. He was thrilled!

Mirror Image.jpg





Still pipin' hot, and falling apart.

Money Shot!


A Rib to Spare


That didn't take long at all :)

No Bones About It



IF I could critique something, the ribs were a smidge too tender for me. I know, I there such a thing??? Maybe I'll try the 2.5-1.5-1 method next time. Still the best damn ribs I've ever had, thanks for all the guidance and direction I've had via your qviews and chats!

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Nicely done Dru! The last picture with the bones says it all. Yes, the WSM holds Rock Solid. th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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Nice spares my friend,

Too tender icon_rolleyes.gif Hmmmmmmmmm


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That was an awesome smoke!  Picture perfect results.  I'm getting the paper towels for the drool on my keyboard before I short everything out!  Nice of you to include your pops too!  Congrats!

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Great pullback & smoke ring!   icon14.gif

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Great ribs imagesCA8MYFOT.jpg

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Beautiful money shot.  More pull back than I would have expected.


When you can do ribs that great, why trust anyone else to trim them for you?  You are doing better than the so called "butchers" do today!


Good luck and good smoking.

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brother those look great...


I know what im haveing tonight on a date with my wifedrool.gif


we are going to the BBQ placesausage.gif

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shucks, thanks ya'll!


only wish I'd made more!

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Then you would just be fat like me.


Good luck and good smoking.

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