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Ribs with sauce question

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It is my mom's birthday today and she asked that I cook ribs.  I have ribs down pat but she asked for me to make a slab with sauce on them.  Putting my bias towards ribs with sauce on them aside I agreed.  Do I wait till the last hour to sauce them up and do I rub them down as I normally would? 


Thanks for your help in advance guys.



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Yes & yes.

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When I worked in a BBQ joint we put the heated sauce on before eating, that's the way I like , you can also brush a while before pulling off the smoker or try half and half. It's all good. 

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I'd only put it on about the last 15 mins to half an hour.  If the sauce gets too hot, the sugar in it burns, and it doesn't taste that great.  My opinion only.  On ribs, if you're only going to put it on the top side, then I'd wait until about 15 minutes before pulling them off, then baste them.  If doing both sides, then 15 mins on one side, and 15 mins on other side, then pull them off.

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Yea I kind of like the sauce on my ribs set a bit. I like to get just about fully smoked, foil with a bit of finishing sauce or BBQ sauce and then toss back in a hot smoker or on the grill to finish off. I like a bit of char on the tips of my ribs.
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If I am saucing a rack I put one coat of sauc on 1 hr. before I pull them and then one more coat 30 minutes before I pull them.

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I don't like to sauce, my other half does.  I will sauce her half for the last hour so it will set up.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yes & yes.



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