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Great meal. The burnt ends look fantastic. Smoked potatoes rock too.

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The smoked potatoes are almost my favorite part.  Almost!  Can't believe how good a little smoke makes them.  I'm popping the last one in the oven tonight for dinner.

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Stupid question here, but where do the burnt ends come from? I have smoked brisket before, but it was the whole thing. I want burnt ends LOL! Do you smoke them longer as well?


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Not a stupid question at all.  This was my first try at them.  The burnt ends are made from the point. For burnt ends this time I separated the point and flat before smoking.  When the point got to 190, I pulled it out, added a little more rub, cubed it into aprox 1" cubes, put a thin coat of sauce on (optional), and put it back in the smoker for another 3 1/2 hours.  You could probably just put the cubes on the rack if they're big enough, but I used a roast rack inside of a foil pan.  Just didn't want them sitting in grease on the bottom of the pan.  They were so good.  I'm ready to make another brisket just for more ends!



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Looking mighty tasty


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Great! Next brisket I do I am making burnt ends :) Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot LOL!

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It looks yummy thanks

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Meat crack...that's funny.All looked great!

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Little cubes of greatness!!!


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wow , really good looking , great bark . i have a MES 30 but i don't get bark like that . i just got an AMNS but haven't tried it yet , maybe that will make the difference

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I can't believe this thread managed to hide from me for so long !


Everything looks Awesome Ron !!!!!!   icon14.gif


Had to be GREAT !





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that is some good look Q cant wait to do another here last time was a first for the burnt ends at my house they was gone before we sit down...

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brisket looks great i did my first one a few weeks back didnt know i should trim fat

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