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Easy lamb shank

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Friday is a busy so i do only slow and low food this week lamb shank with polanta (Italian Yellow corn )

in a heavy pot i put 5 lamb shank 1/2 bottle good read wine chopped carrots,celery sticks, garlic ,salt ,pepper,Italian herbs mix.



In to the oven  covered   it go's 230 for 8 hours and then 1 hour at 360. at this time you cook the polenta.

it is easy you mix the corn flower with salt  in boiling water for 10 minute

and you serve it hot




And for the Bear view




yummm yummm






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Looks delicious Ahron! I'm sure Bear will like the Bear view!

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Looks really tasty! Haven't had polenta in a long time. Gives me an idea for the weekend. thanks for the great Q view!
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